5 out of 5

Millets are coarse grains and is rich in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. The practice of consuming millet as part of the daily diet is not new to India.

Introducing millet into a diet that’s used to only rice and wheat can be a little hard initially, especially for fussy eaters. But what if you could introduce not one or two, but five different millet in one go. With our Multi Millet Noodles, that’s exactly what you can do. These noodles are made of five different kinds of millet – Ragi (Finger Millet), Varagu (Kodo Millet), Samai (Little Millet), Kuthiravally (Barnyard Millet) and Kambu or Bajra (Pearl Millet).. It gives a healthy taste to the usual hakka noodles by being protein rich, high in fibre and calcium.

Together, this combination of millet contains a good amount of protein, calcium, dietary fiber and several essential minerals. This ensures that you and your family have strong immunity, controlled blood sugar and a healthy digestion.

A pack of noodles that gives the goodness of five different millet
Comes with a tastemaker made of natural spices
Provides the combined health benefits of finger millet, little millet, pearl millet, kodo millet and barnyard millet
Does not contain any maida, flour enhancers, preservatives or artificial flavors
So now get the power of five in a single bowl of noodles.